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Who doesn’t want to have bright and clear skin, honestly? Both men and women can feel the benefits of skin lightening products nowadays, and with the increased pollution, surely you need a powerful skin protector. Whether you have acne marks, dark spots, age spots that make you look much older, dull skin that make your appearance unattractive, there is always solution for all the above problems.

Meladerm is a well-known skin lightening product that popular for its effectiveness in fighting against all skin conditions and all types of blemishes. This cream is particularly popular because it is clinically proven, powerful, and revolutionary.

When you are worried about any other skin lightening cream that contains dangerous ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone, meladerm is developed using safe and natural ingredients that will lighten your skin in safe and convenient ways. There are also many meladerm reviews out there you can use as reference, in case you are wondering if the cream is really effective or not. Many people have already felt the benefits, so why should wait to have yours any longer?

What is Meladerm?

Meladerm for hyperpigmentationWith so many skin complexion and problems, you need an extra effective cream to help you solve all the problems at once. Women can be so worry about their appearance, particularly when any blemish spotted in their face. Sun damage, is one of the main and most common problem of women of all ages that can disturb their appearance, causing hyperpygmentation of skin. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because meladerm offers the best solution for any skin problem.

In meladerm reviews, you will see that this product can effectively solve your skin complexion better than any other cream or make up can do. Rather than covering the scars using make up, you better get meladrem to reduce hyperpygmentaton or uneven skin tone. Meladerm is a powerful cream that formulated to reduce and diminish scars, acne spot, age spot, and blemishes in natural ways so you can have clearer and brighter skin. Is it even possible?

This lightening product is aimed specifically to promote clearer and healthier skin by reducing any sign of skin discoloration. Developed by Civant in 1999, meladerm review is proven as the company’s most powerful and effective skin lightening product, formulated using natural ingredients and safe for normal use. The experiments and evidence of meladerm’s effect was quite surprising, in which the product is developed using revolutionary formula and high-end technology, incorporating many experts. Nowadays, meladerm becomes the main alternative for women who’d like to extend their appearance.

Is Meladerm Safe for Me?

It is quite a normal question when woman doubt whether particular skin product is safe or not, considering there are hundreds of skin products containing harmful and damaging ingredients such as parabens, steroids, and hydroquinone spread in the market. Fortunately, meladerm is proven clinically not containing any dangerous ingredients, making the cream potentially safe for any skin type, including the sensitive one.

Dark spots & Discolorations Diminished in 2 weeks. The good news in meladerm reviews; you will see most customers use this cream not only to diminish the uneven skin tone on the face, but also on other body parts. You surely want to have healthy and bright skin on every part of your body, don’t you? Meladerm is effective in fighting against the following skin conditions:

  • Skin tone discoloration / hyperpygmentation
  • Liver spots
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Acne scars
  • Melasma / cholasma
  • Dark knees, elbows

Because this cream is used as topical usage, you should avoid using in eyes and mouth area and apply using the prescription.

How Does It Work?

  • Tego Cosmo C, an active ingredient that beneficial to brighten your skin, brings clarity and evenness, as well as maintaining balanced pH of your skin.Gigawhite, a natural ingredient that proven scientifically to be effective in brightening your skin as well as diminishing skin spots and blemishes.
  • Kojic Acid, known as powerful lightening agent, promotes brighter and clearer skin by inhibiting melanin formation.
  • Licorice Extract, is used widely in other skin-lightening product that brings brightening effect and powerful substance for skin care.
  • Niacinamide, an ingredient that rich in Vitamin B3 and known to work best against acne problem.
  • Arbutin, the best alternative of hydroquinone that works well as skin lightening agent.
  • Glycolic Acid, an ingredient that powerfully promotes natural brightening, minimizing wrinkles and uneven skin discoloration.
  • Lemon Juice Extract, known as natural agent to promote bright and light skin.
  • Vitamin C, is a popular ingredient incorporating in most skin lightening products that proven effective in reducing melanin production, fighting acnes, and brightening skin.

How to Use Meladerm?

You can find the usage direction in most meladerm reviews. First of all, make sure you already washed your skin and apply the cream twice a day (once in the morning, and once at night). It is important to consult with your dermatologist, particularly if you have certain skin condition or allergies. Remember to avoid contact with eyes and mouth, ad this product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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Any Complain?

Although not serious, some users in meladerm review state that they experience skin irritation or redness, ranging from mild to severe, caused by allergic reaction. The effect may be temporary, but if the irritation continues, you may need to consult with doctor. Other side effect occurs also includes sun sensitivity, so it is better to use sun block with SPF 30 while you are out. See all Meladerm customer reviews at BirthOrderPlus.

What Other People Say?

Judging from what other people say in most meladerm reviews, you surely don’t want to miss the excitement and positive outcome from the cream usage. They praise the cream’s ability in fighting skin problems and spots, some even already in their fourth bottle. You don’t even have to use make up to cover the wrinkles or uneven skin tone anymore, since meladerm can work as your all-in-one skin solution.

The extensive result proven by meladerm customers show that Civant Skin Care’s product is really worth to be tried. It gives all the positive outcome and considered as highly recommended skin care product. With money back guarantee from the manufacturer, what else do you wait? Go and grab it now!

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Energize Yourself With A Cat Nap!

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Everyone has hectic days. Early mornings, rush hour traffic, dropping off and picking up the kids after school, cleaning the house – all of these everyday occurrences can take its toll on anyone. In addition to high stress levels, lack of sleep can contribute to many negative side effects to your health and your life. Sometimes it appears as if there aren’t enough hours in the day…or is there?

Getting enough sleep is essential for the body and mind to work properly. When we’re sleep deprived, we tend to feel sluggish and go about our everyday routines like zombies on autopilot. Although doctors stress the importance of getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night that is easier said than done.

However, if you can’t make the time at night to fully rest your body, it is possible to do this during the day. Children nap throughout the day so why can’t adults? For one thing, not having a full-time job or household to run makes it easy to rest during the day. If that’s far from your situation, don’t worry. It’s simply a matter of finding the time.

energy quoteThe average cat nap for an adult is about 30 minutes. Taking a cat nap three times a week has been medically shown to improve your heart, decreasing your risk for heart disease. Cat naps allow your body to rest during the day and is a great stress reliever. When you wake up, you feel refreshed and are able to focus better on the rest of the daily tasks ahead of you.

Working from 9-5 makes it difficult to take any kind of nap (most bosses wouldn’t be fans of employees napping on their desks). After work and before dinner is an ideal time to try and squeeze in a few minutes of shut-eye. Tell your significant other and your children that you need to lie down for a few minutes and find a spot on your favorite recliner or couch.

You can also use the bed, but often that can lead to sleeping longer than the recommended 30 minutes for a cat nap, which defeats the purpose. When you sleep for too long, it can result in feeling more tired. The idea is to get just enough sleep for your body to calm down and reenergize.

Stay at home mothers tend to have the best schedules to fit in cat naps. When you put the little ones down for their nap, use that opportunity to rest as well. Cleaning the house and cooking can be put off for a few minutes. Maintaining your health and catching up on much-needed rest should be top priority.

One way to get a cat nap into your schedule three times a week is to cat nap on weekends and once during the week, say a Wednesday for example. This makes it easier to prioritize your regular duties during the week without interference and your weekends are perfect for allowing you to catch up on enough rest to keep you prepared for the week ahead.

All You Need To Know About Acne And How To Prevent It


Before learning how to treat acne properly, you must know about your enemy. So, What is acne?

Acne refers to a skin condition characterized by the occurrence of infected or swollen hair follicles. Acne is commonly witnessed in areas like the face, chest, back, shoulders and neck as these areas have comparatively higher concentration of sebaceous glands distributed over them. The question – what is acne can be answered more precisely with the help of the following classification:

  • Black heads: When the pores get partially clogged by sebum which is excessively produced by the sebaceous glands it traps the sebum inside the follicle to give rise to what is called as a black head. The black hue is often mistaken to be dirt. In fact it is the reaction of melanin (the pigment which gives color to the skin) with oxygen present in the air. Black heads commonly take a long time to clear.
  • White heads: When the pores get clogged completely the excess sebum gets trapped inside the skin along with the bacteria present on the surface of the skin giving rise to tiny white spots known as white heads. They generally rupture on the surface of the skin.
  • Papules: Headless tiny red bumps with inflammation are referred to as papules.Pustules: Pustules are small sized inflammations with a red circular lining with white or yellow colored pus in the center. These are often referred to as pimples in layman’s terms.

Getting Down To The Root Cause Of Acne

Even before you settle down to treat your acne or look for ways to prevent acne it is imperative that you understand the root cause of acne. Some of the major factors that contribute to acne are as follows:

  • Hyperactivity of sebaceous glands: Sebaceous glands secrete sebum in order to lubricate the skin to prevent it from drying. But hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands leads to creation of blockages in the follicles and subsequently results in the formation of acne.
  • Abnormal shedding of dead cells: Our skin regularly sheds the dead cells to make way for generation of new cells. However in the absence of normal shedding of dead skin cells they accumulate creating obstructions in the follicles again contributing to the formation of acne.

The propioni bacteria acnes are a type of bacteria found on the skin surface. It may combine with the sebum and the dead skin cells for creating a breeding environment for its growth.

The end result is that the pores become clogged with bacteria, dead skin cells and excess sebum. Collectively the above mentioned factors work to stimulate the production of the body’s defensive white blood cells to fight against the infection. The immune system is alerted to respond in the form of an inflammation.

Therefore in order to treat the root cause of acne you must figure out ways to help the immune system rather than fighting it out with harsh chemical substances as they tend to wipe out the healthy cells instead of restoring the already damaged cells.

How To Prevent Acne?

Now that there is a clear understanding of what is acne let’s look into some of the acne prevention tips:

  • Don’t over wash: While it is essential to wash the acne prone areas using a mild cleansing agent, it should be strictly restricted to about 2 times a day or may be 3 times if needed. But beyond that you’re likely to cause skin irritation which can further trigger the onset of a breakout. Washing helps to get rid of the excessive sebum and the dead skin cells thus preventing formation of the gruesome acne. And one more thing, stick to water based products and especially if you have oily skin it is all the more important that you settle for oil free products.
  • Beat the excess oil: If you have oily skin then it is all the more imperative that you become aware of what is acne as with oil skin you’re more prone to acne. First treat the root cause of the problem and look for ways to control the excess oil production. For this purpose washing the acne prone areas using salted warm water is thought to be beneficial.
  • Remove your make-up before you wake up: It is advisable that you avoid intense make up and moreover stick to powder cosmetics instead of creams as they cause less irritation and remember to remove your make up before you go to bed to prevent the onset of a breakout when you wake up.
  • Change your pillow case and linen regularly: Your pillow case and bed linen can be excellent carriers of bacteria which can possibly cause acne.
  • Wear loose clothing: If you have been fighting out body acne then it is imperative that you wear clothes of natural fabrics like those of pure cotton, silk, wool etc as these fabrics are loosely woven which help in easy circulation of air, cause lesser skin irritation and thus prevent acne. Also minimize wearing tight straps like the ones used in back packs to avoid friction.

Is There Any Acne Treatment Available?

For those who are not prone to acne it’s likely that they don’t really will know what is acne and how to treat them. Here’s a guide to acne treatment.

Mild acne or occasional breakouts are common especially in adolescence in both male and female gender. But if your acne has spread from the face to the body it calls for medical attention as the acne can cause discomfort and disrupt your routine activities. Acne treatments aim to reduce the sebum production, hasten the skin cell turnover rate, fight against microbial infections and reduce the inflammation and redness of the acne.

There are myriad treatment options available for acne.

Laser and light treatment: This method of treatment involves exposing the acne prone area to a specific intensity light which is absorbed deep into the skin and is converted into heat which in turn stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete less sebum.

While the light treatment directly helps to kill the bacteria causing acne. By and large apart from ridding you of acne these treatments can improve the texture and appearance of the skin. They can also successfully be used to treat acne scars. Today laser treatment has a no. of options available for treating acne. Like blue light therapy, photodynamic therapy, photo pneumatic therapy etc.

Cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc can be complimented with other acne methods to effectively clear acne. Thus with the treatment options mentioned above one should soon forget what is acne.

Acne medication to a considerable extent can help you manage the severity of breakouts. Acne medication work to reduce the amount of sebum production, destroy the infectious bacteria, loosen the clogged pores and reduce hormonal changes which affect acne formation.

Acne medications come in the form of acne control gels, lotions, face and body washes, oral and topical anti biotic, etc.

Acne face wash and acne body wash are effective acne control products. A few useful tips on choosing the right acne wash.

You may be over excited about your new acne wash; you may be in a spree to finish the entire can ASAP to get rid of your acne quickly. But remember they are no magical solutions. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t over use them for they can cause skin irritation and redness.

Look for the word “mild” on the packaging to ensure they don’t harm your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.

Most washes have salicylic acid or benzol peroxide as their key ingredient. Look for concentration of each key ingredient. Make sure the salicylic acid content does not exceed 2% and that of benzol peroxide does not exceed 10%.

Always begin with the least concentration products, apply it on a less noticeable region, if you don’t develop any allergy you may proceed to use them on other areas and slowly move on to more concentric ones for further improvement in results.

The above article must have given you a brief idea of what is acne and how to prevent the onset of acne.

Is Phen375 A Scam? Learn The Truth!

phen375 before and after

First off, I want to admit to all of you that I have no self discipline whatsoever. Last weekend my husband Sean dropped the kids off at my mom’s and took me out to my favorite Italian restaurant. Even months after I started taking Phen375 and losing 36 lbs I wasn’t able to control myself.

I not only ate all of my appetizer, pasta dish, and entré, but I also ordered a piece of Tiramisu – and finished it! I couldn’t believe I did that, I was mortified. I almost ruined what was already a pleasant evening until Sean told me that I deserved a night like that once in a while. He said I had become a woman on a mission ever since I weeded out all the weight loss scams and started taking Phen375. I realized he was right – 36 pounds in about 3 months deserved one night of overeating.

I felt better because I knew I would never go back to the way I was. Too often I would splurge on my favorite foods or give in to that late night snack right before bed. I had watched my parents do this (chocolate was their junk food of choice) ever since I was a child and for some reason they didn’t gain a pound. I, on the other hand, would just smell food and gain a few pounds. I went through my life overweight and self-conscious.

After I had my two kids I started to feel my metabolism slowing down but instead of doing something about it I continued spiraling downwards. Sure I would start the latest and greatest diet fad but somehow never followed through or I would take a diet pill that had awful side effects. I even tried putting a diet plan together all on my own but I would either count calories and not fat content or watch the fat content and not the calories. I was a mess and didn’t know what I was doing until about 4 months ago.

“In the first few days of taking Phen375 I lost 3 pounds and I wasn’t even exercising!”

Weight Loss Tips

I had very bad chest pains and went to see my doctor. Needless to say Sean and Dr. Echevarria were not surprised. As a matter of fact Dr. Echevarria was livid. He flat out told me that if I didn’t lose weight and lose it fast I wouldn’t see my kids graduate high school. My dream was too see my kids successful when they got older, this really stung.

But instead of buckling down and getting serious about my quality of life what did I do? I got all emotional and went on a comfort eating binge – chips, ice cream, cake, you name it I ate it.It was my sister, Vicki who suggested Phen375. She looked great, had a successful career and had a great family. She explained to me that Phen375 would suppress my appetite and promote fat burning.

I found it pretty hard to believe, especially after trying and failing at other weight loss solutions. I also investigated tons of supplements that boasted massive weight loss in only a few months so I figured Phen375 was just another to add to the list. I mean, who would believe the crazy claims Phen375 make in their advertisements (like the one below) when so many others failed?  Thankfully, she ignored my negativity and ordered me a supply of Phen375. Since she went out of her way to buy Phen375 for me, I figured I would give it a try – expecting no results as usual.

phen375 diet plansI took my first dose of Phen375 that night. The first surprise came before I went to bed. Like I said, I couldn’t go to bed with out a night time snack, but that night I didn’t even think of food. I was ready to go to bed and had no desire to eat. Of course, I didn’t believe it was the Phen375 that was responsible for this. Until a few days later I started to feel that I was getting “lighter” and I could breath better. It was wild. I weighed myself on about the fifth day. I was shocked. I had lost 3 pounds –and I wasn’t even exercising! And I continued to notice I was still less hungry than before.

After that there was no looking back. I continued to stay on the Phen375 regiment, taking my capsules daily, and the more I took, the less hungry I was. The early weight loss motivated me to lose even more weight. Suddenly, I felt more confident and started to believe I could do this. I started to eat less even when I was hungry. Sure I ate, but I no longer over-ate. I was able to say no to food, but more importantly the late night snacks were over. That alone shed even more pounds.

Week after week my weight was going down and my energy levels were increasing. My two boys, Thomas and Sean even commented on how fun I was lately. And I wasn’t even working out yet!After a few weeks the weight loss settled down but I was still losing about 3 pounds every 14 days or so. It was slower but still steady.

I knew Phen375 worked but now I wanted to really kickstart my weight loss. Phen375 gave me the motivation to do this. I went back to the gym.

Phen375 really works! As I write this, it is still hard to believe. If I didn’t try it for myself I would still be doubting it. After all the scams I have tried I never thought a weight loss product could have such a profound effect on my body. Two effects, to be exact. The first and most obvious was my appetite was noticeably suppressed. I was hungry less and when I did eat (which were still healthy size portions) I ate less. In a sense this was no surprise since that is what Vicki claimed it would do. But the real shock of Phen375 was its fat burning power.

I don’t know if it was my imagination but I could swear I could feel the fat melting away. It would only take a quick look at my measurements to convince myself that it wasn’t my imagination. Within about 5 weeks I dropped one dress size and after about 6 or 7 weeks I found myself in the mall with my friends shopping for all new clothes. It was a great feeling. To find out if there are any Phen375 side effects go here.

It’s been a little over 3 months of taking Phen375 and some self-discipline on my part but I am on pace to lose about 30-35 lbs. Do I still have more to go? Of course I do. I was unhealthy and overweight but to this day I still stare at myself in the mirror in shock. I was so used to being fat and depressed that I sometimes think I am looking at a stranger.

If it weren’t for Phen375 I would probably be a few steps closer to an early grave and my family without a mom and wife. Phen375 really helped me change my life – both mentally and physically.