How to Get Rid of Love Handles for Men

how to lose your love handles

People may refer to that extra belly as oblique or love handle. Fats that stay on the belly spring from improper diet and no exercise. You might have asked yourself about how to get rid of love handles for men.

There are only two easy steps:

The answer to how to get rid of love handles for men maybe realized if you lose excess weight first. When unnecessary weight is lost, it is time to shed of fats from the belly.

Love Handle Exercises

There are different exercise techniques you can do to burn those accumulated fats in your obliques and abs. Crunches like leg raise, trunk twists and oblique crunches will get rid of the fats in your stomach.

Weight lifting and cardiovascular workouts can also be implemented. You can start at a slower pace and for a limited time. As you go along the process of getting rid of your love handles, you can level up and add more exercises and increase your time exercising.

Water should be taken in after a few hours of training and fat burning. Water will hydrate your body and sweat out the toxins as well. At least 3 thousand liters of water a day should be taken in to lubricate your body for another day of exercise.

Diet for Your Love Handles

Another way on how to losing belly fat after 50 is by having a diet plan. Eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals to enhance your body’s strength while you are on a workout.

Burning fats and doing a lot of exercise foes not equate starvation. So eat when you feel hungry but eat nutritious foods and avoid anything salty or sugary, most especially do away with processed foods.

High protein diet can also be considered but do not exclude the important nutrients needed for your body.Follow these two steps and you will be a step closer to a healthier you.

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